You have plenty of choice in supplementary car insurance. For example, you have passenger insurance, roadside assistance and legal assistance insurance. But are they really necessary? In this article, we take a closer look at passenger insurance, roadside assistance and legal assistance insurance so that you can easily determine whether they are necessary for you. Whichever you ultimately choose, comparing your car insurance with additional insurance ensures that you do not pay too much and have good cover.

Occupants insurance

With a passenger insurance you will immediately receive compensation for material and personal injury. The insurer does not look at who is guilty. Even if you caused the accident yourself, you will also receive compensation.

Types of passenger insurance

You have two different types of passenger insurance, namely passenger damage insurance and passenger accident insurance. What is the difference?

  • The damage passenger insurance pays out compensation for the damage actually suffered and pays out that compensation for both material damage and personal injury.
  • Passenger accident insurance pays out a predetermined amount and only pays out in the event of disability or death.

The damage passenger insurance is therefore more extensive than the accident passenger insurance. If you are interested in a passenger insurance, then you will benefit more from a damage passenger insurance.

Need passenger insurance?

Passenger insurance is not necessarily necessary. You can claim damage caused by someone else with third party liability insurance and personal injury with your health insurance.
Why then does passenger insurance exist? First of all, it is a great advantage that the guilt question is not considered. This makes the settlement a lot faster. Moreover, you do not need all risk insurance.
Second, personal injury is compensated. Although your health insurance also does this, you still pay a part of the deductible. And maybe the accident is serious enough that you have to go through a lengthy rehabilitation program. These costs are all reimbursed by the occupant insurance.
Whether a passenger insurance is necessary or redundant depends mainly on your own preferences. We can imagine that the passenger insurance gives you some peace of mind. An accident not only causes damage, but also stress. It’s nice that you don’t have to worry about money at such a moment.

Car breakdown assistance

Standing desperately along the road with a breakdown is not a pleasant thought. That is why there is breakdown assistance insurance. You call your insurance company and they come to fix your car on the spot or tow it to the garage. They also arrange replacement transport for you so that you get home safely. And all this is reimbursed.

Types of roadside assistance car

Roadside assistance insurance comes in many different types:

  • Roadside assistance with your car insurance: this is included in your car insurance.
  • Separate roadside assistance insurance: there are various roadside assistance services where you can take out roadside assistance separately.
  • Roadside assistance on demand: you switch it on via an app and you are not tied to a subscription. You only pay in the event of a breakdown, but less is reimbursed.
  • Roadside assistance travel insurance: do you not want roadside assistance in the Netherlands, but you do want it when you go on holiday? Then you take out roadside assistance through your travel insurance.

The many different choices are nice, because it makes it easier to find breakdown assistance insurance that meets your needs. However, there is also the danger that you accidentally insure yourself twice for roadside assistance. For example, if you are a member of ANWB Wegenwacht, you do not need to take out roadside assistance with your car or travel insurance.

Need car breakdown assistance?

Now the big question: is roadside assistance necessary? Breakdown assistance insurance comes in handy in the following situations:

  • When you drive a lot far from home
  • On a driving holiday
  • With a brand new car where factory errors are not yet known

With the latter, note whether the dealer gives you a mobility or drive-through guarantee. This is basically the same as breakdown assistance insurance and applies a number of years after the purchase. If you receive this warranty, you do not need additional roadside assistance.

Legal insurance

Car legal expenses insurance helps you recover damage and offers assistance in legal conflicts. This saves you a lot of stress and effort. However, many people only think of legal expenses insurance when it is too late and are already involved in a lawsuit.

Types of legal expenses insurance

You have different types of legal aid for different situations. For example, you have legal aid for consumers, housing or income. In this article we look purely at legal aid traffic.
Legal expenses insurance can be taken out through your car insurance or separately from an insurance company. Make sure you do not accidentally double insure yourself.

Need legal expenses insurance?

In certain situations, it is not an unnecessary luxury to have legal expenses insurance. The more you drive, the more likely you are to have an accident and legal conflict.
Also look at your financial position. Do you have enough money to pay for any legal costs yourself? Legal expenses insurance may cost you 200 euros per year. The hourly wages of a lawyer alone are higher. If you ever end up in a conflict, legal expenses insurance will therefore save you the costs.

Need additional car insurance or not?

So it mainly depends on your own wishes and situation whether you need or don’t need to take out additional car insurance . Above all, they provide peace of mind and make unpleasant situations a lot easier. If you choose to take out passenger insurance, roadside assistance insurance or legal assistance insurance, make sure that you compare coverages and premiums well. This way you protect yourself against too high a premium and against being underinsured.

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