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We will make a precise classification according to what you are looking for below. but if we were to respond with just one bank, then the answer is simple, in our opinion: Hello Bank sits on the roof of the best online banks. Founded in 2013 by BNP Paribas, Hello Bank despite its young age is ranked number 1 and best online bank of the year 2019. It is an exceptional performance if we refer to the ruthless competition in the market. Hello, Bank has therefore established itself thanks in particular to ultra-comprehensive products and services.

The main strengths of Hello Bank:

  • Free Visa Classic card available: (from € 1,000 in net monthly income, or € 2,500 in savings), the Visa Electron (available for monthly income below € 1,000)
  • A free Visa Premier card
  • Life insurance, insurance and provident insurance, stock market, credit, savings, access to the entire BNP Paribas catalog
  • Access to BNP Paribas branches for depositing checks or withdrawing money
  • Ultra competitive rates : Zero intervention commission, free bank card, no account maintenance fees …
  • Current transactions (account opening and maintenance, withdrawal in the euro zone, SEPA transfers and direct debits, opposition) completely free.
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Which bank offers the best bank card

Bank cards are essential products for any banking establishment. It is clear that most of the bank charges billed to customers annually are attributable to the bank card. Thus, for a classic bank card, it generally takes between 5 and 10 € per month, and between 10 and 20 € per month for a Gold / Premier version card, for traditional banks. The advent of online banking has completely broken the codes of standardization of bank card prices. It is now possible, thanks to online banks, to obtain a free bank card . We will offer you here a table comparison of the best online banks following the free card for online banks.

 Bank Bank cards / Minimum monthly income  Benefit
 Classic  Gold  Infinite
Visa Hello Prime card € 5 / month (€ 1000)
Free Visa Hello One card (No income requirement)
Free (1800 €) Not available BENEFIT 
ing Free (1200 €) Free (1200 €) BENEFIT 
Paying 2 € / month Paying 5 € / month BENEFIT 
Free (1000 €) Free (1800 €) BENEFIT 
Free (1200 €) Free (1200 €) Paying 200 € BENEFIT 
Free (1200 €) Free (1800 €) BENEFIT 

Which bank offers the best savings solution (bank book)

Best Online Bank - Savings

Passbook accounts are the most common among banking offers. From now on, this savings product remains the most profitable solution for the investment of its liquidities, since the risks are zero, and the funds are always at hand. As such, Hello Bank offers the best savings solution on the online banking market. Thus, this online bank offers its customers the Hello Passbook, with a remuneration of 1.40%. The Hello Booklet is also free and does not incur any administrative fees, nor is it subject to a ceiling.

Added to this, the Hello Bank savings product line is also the most comprehensive on the market. For this purpose, it has the Livret A (like all other banks), the LDD, but also the PEL and CEL designed for the purchase of the real estate. You are also offered a Youth Booklet, dedicated to 12 to 25 year olds . This booklet offers a rate of 3.25%, for a ceiling of € 1,600.

It seems obvious that the Hello Bank online bank is clearly a specialist in terms of savings solutions, thanks in particular to its very attractive and ultra-comprehensive range of products.

Which online bank makes bank lending the best?

 Banks Interest rates for credit solutions  Benefit
 Mortgage Fund: ~ 1.60%
 Consumer Credit Fund: ~ 0.95%
 Real Estate Credit Fund: no
 Consumer Credit Fund: 3.92%
 Real Estate Credit Fund: variable rate
 Consumer Credit Fund: ~ 1.99%
 Mortgage Fund: ~ 1.59%
 Consumer credit fund: no
ing  Mortgage Fund: ~ 1.72%
 Consumer credit fund: no
 Mortgage Fund: ~ 1.72%
 Consumer Credit Fund: ~ 2.50% to 5.85%

Boursorama  is undoubtedly the online bank to include the most complete and competitive mortgage and consumer offers . Boursorama really facilitates access to credit and positions itself among the cheapest by being as competitive as possible. Its 1,500,000 customers can surely attest to this.

Which online bank to choose for the best life insurance

In terms of profitability, security but also taxation, life insurance remains the most popular investment product for households. Free fees, welcome offers, or even competitive rates of return, online banks compete creatively to expand their services as much as possible, in order to win and retain as many customers as possible. BforBank, ING, Fortuneo, Monabanq, Boursorama and Hello Bank , all of its online banks offer a life insurance contract with different unit-linked underlying assets as well as euro funds.

Focus on BforBank life insurance


The online bank B for Bank offers 2 secure and attractive Euro Funds:

  • Long Term Euro Allocation Fund2  (Fund in Euro secured and adapted to market opportunities)

Rate of return net of management fees (excluding social and tax deductions) at 2.90%, which is really interesting for the euro fund.

  • Euro Dolcea Vie Fund (Security and performance)

Rate of return net of management fees (excluding social and tax deductions) at 2.10%

We can therefore say that Bforbank has the most attractive life insurance policy on the market. The client who has subscribed to a Bforbank life insurance contract will benefit from free fees on certain operations such as entries, payments, arbitrations . In addition, the customer will be pampered by a welcome bonus, which varies depending on the period.

Take advantage of the welcome bonus

For traders, which bank offers the best brokerage solution

Boursorama holds the palm in terms of stock market products. This bank offers 4 brokerage solutions profiled according to the trading frequency of its clients. Thus, the Boursorama client benefits from this solution which will guarantee him to pay the minimum possible brokerage fees on his transactions.

  • The discovery offer  : Dedicated to the client whose transaction frequency and amount are limited, that is to say ideal for orders between 1.99 to 500 €. This offer is totally designed for beginners in the stock market
  • The classic offer  : Brokerage fees of € 5.50 for each transaction less than or equal to € 1,000, and 0.48% if the amount exceeds this ceiling with a minimum price of € 8.95. This rate is particularly intended for investors whose orders are usually of a small amount. Important note, no custody fee is applied to the client. As a bonus, if the customer places at least one order per month, his subscription will be free. Otherwise, the classic offer will cost him € 5.95 per month.
  • The Trader offer  : here, the price applicable to any stock market transaction of less than € 7,750 is € 16.65. For a higher amount, the customer will have to pay 0.22% of the amount invested. It should be noted that, like the classic offer, no custody fee is applied, and the subscription will be free if it carries out at least one order per month. Conversely, the subscription will be billed at € 5.95 per month. This offer is recommended for wealth investors.
  • The ultimate trader offer  : for this offer, the investor will pay a fee of € 9.90 for any stock market transaction for an amount less than € 1000. For orders exceeding this amount, he will have to pay fees representing 0.12% of the sum placed in the order. Here again, no custody fee is applied. Regarding the free subscription, the client must place a minimum of 30 orders per month. Otherwise, the subscription will be 119 € per month. The trader offer is suitable for active traders.

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