Whether we like it or not, it ends for all of us. It is therefore useful to take out funeral insurance to protect your next of kin against financial consequences. It gives a calm feeling when all matters concerning the death have been arranged. Want to know how to choose the right insurance? You can read that in this article.

Capital or in-kind insurance

Before you make a choice between these two funeral insurance policies, you should of course know what they entail. With a capital sum insurance policy you accrue an amount before your funeral. This amount will become available upon death. The family can use this amount to pay for the products and services for the funeral. With in-kind insurance, the services are performed for the insured amount. Everything is then arranged as agreed in advance. If there are additional wishes from the family, this will not be reimbursed.

A medical examination

With some funeral insurance policies, they have a medical examination or you must complete a questionnaire. They look at this when admitting the insurance. If you are not healthy, you may have to pay a higher premium than normal, because you pose a higher risk. There are also funeral insurance policies that do not have these kinds of requirements, so if you are not completely healthy, you better look at another funeral insurance.


Although you now have all your wishes in a row, it is still wise to compare funeral insurance policies. There are still insurers that you have to choose from. Because you know what kind of insurance you want, a number of insurers have already disappeared. You can compare the ones that remain. Find out what their requirements are, how much insurance is and what you get in return. If you follow these steps you will end up with the right funeral insurance.

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