The technology in recent years has made the range of electric transport a lot more extensive. In recent years, electric bicycles, scooters and scooters have become an indispensable part of the Dutch street scene. Ideal for covering longer distances or for users who can use a helping hand and want to be more mobile on the road. Are you considering purchasing an electric vehicle? Read below whether insurance is actually mandatory or only desirable.

What are decisive factors?

The offer of electric transport has increased sharply in recent years, as a result of which models have also been brought to the market at lower prices. As a result, various forms of electric transport have become accessible to more consumers. Despite the fact that the supply of electric transport has grown, forms of electric transport often continue to be large purchases. The relatively high purchase value can already be a reason to take out insurance. The extent to which a consumer will make use of the type of transport also plays a major role when considering insurance. For one person it may be a means of transport that is only used in good weather, such as an electric bicycle, but for another it may be an essential means of transport for daily use, such as a foldable scooter.. When taking out insurance, it is important to weigh the risk and the consequences against each other. Are you planning to use the vehicle on a daily basis? Then take out insurance to prevent theft or repair from causing inconveniences or even social isolation.

Mobility scooter or e-scooter? Then insurance is mandatory

For certain electric vehicles, Dutch law requires you to take out insurance before you can use the vehicle. For example, did you know that it is mandatory to insure your scooter ? Insurance can often be arranged upon purchase, so you don’t have to worry about it. You can recognize an insured scooter by the insurance place at the back of the vehicle. In addition to mobility scooters, it is also mandatory to purchase insurance for electric scooters. However, this is no different from regular scooters. The drivers of electric bicycles are not obliged to take out insurance, but this is advised.

Are you looking for insurance for your electric vehicle? Take a look at, for example, the tests of the Consumers’ Association. In addition, you can of course be informed by an expert in the store. This way you can enjoy your new purchase without any worries and immediately.

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