There is generally still much room for improvement with regard to car insurance and the submission of claims. Certainly with regard to quick processing and easy submission, health insurers can still develop. OHRA is therefore fighting against bureaucracy to make the entire process run more smoothly. Certainly in the field of  car insurance a lot is being improved.

Perhaps useful to explain .. The purple crocodile is symbolic of unnecessary bureaucracy within organizations and processes. A concept that was introduced by OHRA ten years ago through the well-known commercial with the girl and the lifeguard.

The same lifeguard takes center stage again in the new commercial. The lifeguard, fond of forms and bureaucracy, again shows countless forms. A real purple crocodile.


You can of course call on the fight against unnecessary bureaucracy, but you also have to act on it. OHRA is aware that within the insurance world there is simply bureaucracy. This is not necessarily a negative, because legislation and other legal matters ensure that the insurance system in the Netherlands is well organized.

Still, OHRA is fighting by combating unnecessary bureaucracy. Take, for example, a claim form. Why do we still manually fill in a form in 2018 and make a vague situation sketch on it, while everyone has a camera at hand and can clarify the whole situation with a photo?

That is why you can now digitally submit your claim forms using the OHRA app. You just take a picture of the situation and you’re done, no more unnecessarily fumbling with the forms and the wind and all the vague situation sketches. Because you are logged in to the app, it already knows to which data it must link. Very quick and easy to put on! Want to see more of the commercial? Then check out the Purple Crocodile campaign page!

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