In the current corona crisis, some employers think it is smart to retrain their employees so that if the time comes and they have to be fired, they can quickly find work elsewhere. In any case, it is wise to have the option to retrain your employees. Make sure that the company can do an extra Excel course, or learn more about other areas. They now have more time for this, and then they are still working for your company and making hours, but in a different way. With this solution they can immerse themselves even more in the profession, and they can later be deployed in more areas within the company.

You don’t have to lose employees!

If you are afraid that you will lose your employees due to the corona crisis, but you will need them again immediately when the economy recovers, it is wise to contact HCS now.. HCS can help with sustainable counseling in the event of illness, absenteeism and prevention of illness. They have a good sense of empathy for your own organization and understand where the employees’ bottlenecks are and where they can help. Since the start of the corona crisis, the government and UWV have come up with a new scheme together; the NOW scheme. This is also to keep the progress of redundancies as low as possible. With this scheme you no longer have to worry about firing your employees, because now you no longer have to! The government provides support in this respect and accommodates employers for this. Do you want to know if you are eligible for the NOW scheme? For this you can calculate the NOW hereand see if you are eligible for this allowance. If you have a turnover loss of at least 20%, then you are probably eligible for this. This applies to both small and large companies! With this you can even invest in your employees, they can receive further training and learn more about certain tools and / or other work-related products, and you can help your employees and be there for them with peace of mind!

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