Mango Delivery by Lamborghini! With Free-Ride

Mango delivery in Lamborghini. Photo taken from Facebook.

You don’t need to attend the market to shop for mangoes. The house are going to be caught in a frenzy . If you purchase that mango, you’ll get a free ride during a car like Lamborghini. Are you surprised? But such a service has been launched in Saudi Arabia since June 16.

There is Pakistan Super Market in Saudi Arabia . Mohammad Jahanew, the director of the corporate , is delivering mangoes from door to door. he’s delivering the newly bought green Lamborghini. With buyers getting around therein car for free of charge .

The incident was posted on June 16 on the Facebook page of Pakistan Super Market. then the matter came to the notice of everyone. That post shows a green Lamborghini ahead of a Pakistan Supermarket store. it’s been reported that mangoes are being delivered therein vehicle. Pictures of mango delivery have also been posted on Facebook.

After receiving this news, many of us have enjoyed free ride with mango delivery. Buyers have also posted that picture of the fee-ride on Facebook. However, this service is out there as long as you purchase mangoes above a particular amount. Although it’s 100 rupees in Indian currency, it’s about two thousand rupees in Indian currency.

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