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Methods to earn money in everyday life

If you want more methods of making money in everyday life, then the following methods are particularly suitable for you.

Offer home services

The services of individuals to individuals have particularly the wind in their sails lately. And everyone has something to offer. Whether you are young or not, you can offer services ranging from private lessons, babysitting, catering, manual work and many more.

So this is a great way to earn money . To offer your services, you can use sites like LeBonCoin to place your ad. It is advisable to offer a realistic price, depending on your place of residence and the service you offer. Do not hesitate to take a look at what other people are offering to get an idea of ​​the prices you can charge. You can look at directories that offer methods of making money from home.

Private lessons

If you are particularly strong in one area, then you can help students who are having difficulty in certain subjects. And you will see that students in difficulty exist at all school levels, whether in college, high school or higher education.

Private lessons

So you will not only be able to help someone but also get paid for it . You can offer your services, for example on the internet on specialized sites. Also music lessons are very fashionable, to teach someone to play the piano or the guitar for example.


Do you have a green thumb and want to take advantage of your talents to make it profitable? Here again, many individuals are looking for people to maintain their garden on a regular basis, and in particular in the summer when watering is almost daily. Do not hesitate to consult gardening requests, especially on the internet.

Animal care

If you like dogs or cats, you are going to be able to combine your passion and earn money for it . Indeed, people who have pets often look for people to look after them during their absences, especially when they go on a trip or more occasionally when they go out in the evening. Of course, you have to love pets and get along with them naturally, otherwise you may have some difficulties …

Animal care

Le baby-sitting

Child care, or babysitting, is also something in high demand. As you know, you cannot leave a small child alone, which means that parents are obliged to look after their child if they wish to go out in the evening or otherwise. In general, it is adolescents who babysit to earn pocket money, but more and more adults are doing so nowadays. You must have a sense of responsibility and know how to take care of a young child to be able to babysit in the best conditions.

Offer training to companies

If you are a pedagogue and have knowledge that is sought after by companies, know that you can offer them to train their employees. This allows companies to outsource the training of their employees and get them up and running faster. You can directly approach companies to offer them your training or consult the advertisements on the internet. Note that it is recommended to be recognized by the state in order to be able to give training.

Offer training to companies

Offer services on the internet

If you draw well, enjoy writing articles, using software and programming languages, there are platforms on which you will be able to offer your services to those who need them . The most famous platform of this kind is Fiverr . This platform allows you to sell your services from $ 5 (hence the name Fiverr) and you can add options to your services to earn even more money. You can offer many types of services on Fiverr, whether in marketing, editorial, site creation, SEO, etc. There is something for everyone and even for artists, who can offer their drawing services.

Discount coupons for your online purchases

If, like millions of French people, you shop on the Internet, then know that there are many ways to reduce your bills and therefore earn money . You will be able to pay less for your online purchases, and to find coupons there are websites that bring together thousands of merchants. As websites that we have tested, there are for example and

Collaborative work

Collaborative work

You have the possibility to consult websites which offer to put you in touch with other people to work on a single project. Each of the people will have one or more tasks to accomplish and of course each task you will accomplish will earn you money. Collaborative work is very fashionable at the moment, especially on international projects. Therefore, speaking English is a significant plus if you want to participate in international projects and earn money .


If you make a lot of trips and de facto use your car a lot, know that there is a carpooling solution. Thus, you will be able to make a trip to several in order to reduce costs and therefore travel for less.


The market leader for carpooling is BlaBlaCar. This website will allow you to find people who make the same trips as you and you can kill two birds with one stone, use only one car and spend less money. For spending less, it comes to making money do not forget .

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