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Monabanq online banking

Belonging to the Crédit Mutuel group, Monabanq is one of the best online banks . Founded in 2006, it  is one of the first banking establishments to offer a large online product. We thus find at this bank classic bank offers such as the current account (individual or joint account), savings books and credit and life insurance solutions.

Wanting to be a bank that favors “  people before money  ”, Monabanq aims in this sense at a middle-class clientele who wants to have an online bank account without having to go through a system of proof of income of any kind. It is quite naturally with this in mind, therefore, that online banking has decided to offer current accounts with bank cards and without any income conditions .

In addition to these current accounts, this online banking institution also has many advantages that we will try to decipher as we go through this article. Here is our Monabanq review!

Monabanq review

Undeniably one of the most interesting online banks that can currently be found on the French market, Monabanq is orienting its cheapest online banking policy on three axes that complement each other. This relates in particular to its ease of access ( banking offer without income conditions, a current account, a bank card and banking services from only € 2 per month ), its practical side ( subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel group, the bank relies on the CIC network to enable its customers to carry out day-to-day transactions with the bank ) and finally on the quality of its services.

It is undoubtedly thanks to its policy that the number of customers who trust Monabanq continues to grow.

But as we know, no bank is perfect, and often has small gaps. We will therefore try through this article to analyze in detail the offers offered by this online bank which wants to be accessible by reviewing its advantages and its shortcomings and to give the most objective opinion possible.

Monabanq review: online account openingMonabanq online banking review

No minimum salary required, no monthly payment to be made or even an obligation to domiciliate salaries, opening a current account at Monabanq only requires a first payment of 150 euros to the subscriber. Truth be told, the conditions for entry into the bank is quite flexible .

Indeed any adult natural person able to establish a contract, residing in France or in the DOM TOM and having a bank account in the European economic zone can open an account there.

All they need to do is subscribe online via the bank’s website and provide proof of income (payslip, tax notice). Namely that the latter is used exclusively to establish the ceiling of the bank card of the future customer and not a device to turn away a particular person.

The bank card at Monabanq

Via its current account offer, the online bank Monabanq offers its customers two types of bank cards. These are the Visa Classic card and the Visa Premier card .

If these cards are not free unlike other competing establishments which offer a free bank card for life. In order not to slow down subscriptions, holding an account with the bank allows you to benefit from particularly attractive pricing on other current banking services.

Carte Visa Classic

Carte Visa Classic

The Visa Classic Monabanq card is available at 2 euros / month (24 euros / year ) and allows you to benefit from death and disability insurance as well as international medical insurance. The customer who opts for this card has the choice of opting for a Visa Classic card with immediate debit or a deferred debit card. Note that its withdrawal limit is 300 euros every 7 days while its payment limit is limited to 1500 euros / month. ( For strictly exceptional cases, it is possible to revise these limits via the TurboRetrait service of online banking ).

Visa Premier card

Visa Premier card

The Visa Premier card is the high-end card of the online bank Monabanq which provides assistance and insurance offers ( trip cancellation, civil liability abroad, flight delay, death and disability, etc… ). And like the other offers at the bank, it is accessible without income conditions! With immediate or deferred debit, it is however billed at 3 euros per month (36 euros / year). Knowing that for the first 6 members, the bank does not apply these fees to the new customer. If his withdrawal limit is 500 euros every 7 days, his payment limit is 3000 euros per month.

Welcome offer, referral bonus

A first subscription to the online bank Monabanq allows you to benefit from a welcome bonus of 120 euros. When a client decides to sponsor a new subscriber, he can earn 80 euros more for each registered godson.

Monabanq review: savings solutionsMonabanq savings advice

Monabanq offers classic booklets: the Sustainable and Solidarity Development Booklet and the Booklet A. There are also youth booklets, a Monabanq savings booklet and a Growth booklet.

The booklet A

The livret A is a savings account that allows you to deposit up to € 22,950. Its rate is 0.75%. A person can only have one passbook. And his subscriber must make a first payment of 10 euros at the entrance.


Apart from a lower limit than the livret A (€ 12,000), these two regulatory booklets work the same way. The LDDS is however recommended for the financing of an SME or for the realization of energy saving work.

Youth booklets

Monabanq online bank offers the Youth Savings Account for under 18s and two Youth Savings Accounts for 12-18 years and 18-25 years. If the two youth savings accounts at a rate of 02% are capped at 1,600 euros, the youth savings account is remunerated at 0.80% up to 5,000 euros and at 0.20% above 5,000 euros.

The Monabanq booklet

The Monabanq passbook allows you to benefit from the “savings card” option. Indeed, the latter is attached to the customer’s bank account and to all his payments. Thus, for each payment, the bank rounds up the sum of the purchases in euro (higher) and at the end of each month, the total of these rounding is paid into the customer’s passbook. Without a ceiling, the rate for this passbook is 0.20%.

The growth booklet

To subscribe to a growth booklet, you must have a balance of 1,500 euros. Its base rate is 0.20%. However, its holder can see each year and for 4 years have a bonus of 0.10% more.

Monabanq review: customer service

One of the great strengths of online banking is its customer service. Each Monabanq client will indeed have the privilege of being followed from the moment of subscription by a dedicated client advisor. It is this one who will take charge of the customer for all his steps, whether it is about a complaint or about another service relating to his account.

Monabanq customer advisers can be contacted from Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

Other services offered by MonabanqMonabanq review

Apart from its current account and savings products, Monabanq offers other products which include credit solutions, a life insurance contract and stock market investment.

For credit solutions, only consumer credit is available, it can be in the form of revolving credit (500 to 5,000 euros / year) or repayable credit (possibility of borrowing up to 30,000 euros over a period of 72 months ).

As for the life insurance contract, it is possible to invest in two funds in euros Eurossima and Netissima as well as over 200 units of account.

Regarding the stock market, it is intended more for an investment in the CAC and for traders who are learning. The rates that the bank applies happens to be simple and clear.

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