An accident can happen, which is why car insurance is so important. But what are the ways to prevent damage to your car? With these tips you keep your car damage-free.

The 6 best tips to prevent car damage

1. Drive slowly on zoab roads

Ever heard of zoab roads? There is very open asphalt concrete on these roads, so you have less problems with splashing rain and traffic noise. The disadvantage is that stones often come loose. These loose pebbles can cause a lot of damage to your car. Therefore, do not drive too fast on zoab roads and keep enough distance from other road users. Your car is grateful to you.

2. Install winter and summer tires under your car

It is not without reason that special tires for winter and summer are available. Winter tires are suitable for bad and cold weather, because they have a different rubber composition and a different profile. Summer tires ensure that you continue to drive safely at high temperatures. So always fit summer and winter tires under your car on time.

3. Polish your headlights

The weather affects the UV coating of your headlights. This makes them dull and you are less visible on the road. Therefore, have the headlights polished once every two years. You are not only clearly visible to fellow road users, you also see the road better. And don’t forget to check the wiper blades regularly. These are more than indispensable when it rains.

4. Check the tire pressure regularly

Driving on soft tires is dangerous, because you have less grip, poorer road holding and more chance of aquaplanning. The chance of a blowout is also much greater if your tires are too soft. A very good reason to check the tire pressure every two months. You can read the perfect tire pressure for your car in the instruction booklet of your car or on the fuel cap.

5. Use a navigation system wisely

A navigation system is useful, but also a great source of distraction. And you cannot put that to good use in traffic. Therefore choose the simplest possible model. One that always works and you don’t have to worry about on the road. Very important, because according to American research 68% of accidents are caused by distraction.

6. Do not forget the APK inspection

With an APK inspection, it is checked whether your car meets the legal safety and environmental requirements and whether it is registered in the vehicle registration register. This check is essential, because you are not insured without an APK inspection certificate. Therefore, put a large cross in your diary for the APK inspection every year. This way you can be sure that you are on the road with a safe car.

Take out car insurance today

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