Many Dutch people go on holiday with the campsite every year. Camping with a camper has many advantages. In many cases, you will have your own toilet, television, bed and sofa. This makes camping a lot more luxurious than when you sleep in a tent. Most people enjoy camping, but find it important to have a little comfort. This explains why motorhomes are so popular these days. Have you also purchased a camper, so that you can go on holiday with the camper this year? Then it is very important that you take out motorhome insurance, because you must be at least third party insured.

The differences between types of insurance

If you take out motorhome insurance, you can choose between third-party insurance, third-party liability + insurance and all-risk insurance. With a third-party liability insurance you are insured against damage that you cause to someone else with the camper. If you accidentally hit someone, the damage can be enormous. This is especially true if this person becomes incapacitated for work. Because this risk is simply too high, you are obliged to take out third-party insurance in the Netherlands. In most cases it is wise to get even better insurance. With a third-party liability + insurance you are also insured against storm and hail damage. In addition, with a WA + camper insurance you are also insured against theft, burglary and fire. Since you can never completely prevent a burglary or theft, it is advisable to take out at least a liability + insurance.

The all-risk motor home insurance

With an all-risk motorhome insurance you are best insured. If you opt for this insurance, you are even insured for damage that you cause yourself. This is the best insurance to take out, provided you do not think the premium is too high. If you think the premium of the all-risk insurance is too high, it is better to opt for third-party liability + insurance. Third party liability insurance is generally only recommended for older campsites that are still worth little. Taking out all-risk insurance is very sensible, especially if you have a new camper. It would be a shame if your new camper is damaged, then you would of course like to be insured.

Get cheap insurance

There are a lot of different insurers to choose from. It is difficult to say which insurer is the cheapest, as this can differ per situation. For this reason, it is best to compare cheap motor home insurance . There are various websites where you can compare insurers with each other. It is important that you do not rely purely on the price. On a camper insurance comparison site you can easily compare prices, but the service is also very important. It is therefore advisable to do your own research into the various insurers. This way you can say with certainty that you have selected the right insurer. This way you can go on holiday with the camper without having to worry.

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