Everyone has probably heard of the word lease and leasing a car. This is because it is very popular nowadays and it is also a much discussed topic. It is discussed, among other things, on a work-related basis and a non-work-related basis. Leasing a car is actually paying for a car every month to be able and allowed to drive a car in question. A well-known form of leasing is short lease, but what exactly is short lease ?

Different types of lease

There are actually two different forms of leasing. This concerns normal leasing, which is actually the same as a financial lease and there is short lease , which is actually operational lease. Financial lease is actually leasing a car, which can be seen as paying for the car in question in installments. A contract is therefore signed, after which payment will be made monthly. After these installment payments, the driver of the car is the financial owner and the economic owner of the car. This means that after the agreed months, he or she is the full and rightful owner of the car. However, this also means that all costs such as insurance, tax, maintenance and of course the fuel are for the customer and therefore the driver.

Short lease, also called operational lease, involves a lease term of an average shorter period. However, this also has advantages and disadvantages. The biggest drawback is actually that, regardless of the number of months or contract, the car never belongs to the driver. This does not pay for obtaining the car in the near future. However, this also means that the car remains the property of the company concerned. However, this also brings an advantage. The contract that is signed with short lease is favorable for the customer in terms of costs. The insurance, tax and any maintenance costs are declared to the company. This means that the customer is not responsible for the costs and therefore does not have to pay for them. These costs are for the company as it remains the rightful owner. However, this contract can also be seen as an all-inclusive contract.

Is leasing something for you?

Whether leasing is right for you and which form of leasing suits you is entirely a personal consideration. Leasing a car or company car happens a lot. However, this is because a large amount is not debited in one go and people also like to pay this in installments.

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