Sonu Nigam Says The Music Industry Is Controlled By Two “Mafias”

Sonu Nigam Says The Music Industry Is Controlled By Two Mafias

The death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput prompted Sonu Nigam to open up about the “brutal” creation of the music industry in a new video blog. The 46-year-old singer shared her vlog with a disturbing caption, “You may soon hear about the suicides in the music industry”, in which she calls the music industry’s “mafias”, two of them, in particular, without Name “Sushant Singh Rajput died, an actor died. Yesterday, you might hear the same about a singer, or a musician, or a song writer. Because the music scene in our country … big here ‘Mafia’. The film industry, unfortunately, “said Mr. Nigam. He said, “Shakti is in the hands of two of them … Only two from the music industry. They have their own companies. They have the power to sing to someone or not.”

In the comments section on Sonu Nigam’s video, many followers stated that the music label that the singer talked about is probably T-Series, Zee Music Company and even YRF Music.

“Everyone wants to ‘rule’ the business,” said Sonu Nigam, who repeatedly requested the alleged “music mafias” to be kind to and consider new talent such as messages to be addressed to them Say: “Do it!” This is not right “,” You will be questioned “,” Be a little kind to new people. ”

“It’s very difficult for new kids, very difficult … I talk to every one of them. They are upset that the producer wants to work with them, the director wants to work, even the music Musicians also want to work with him but the music company will say: ‘This is not our artist’, he said.

“I was lucky that I joined (industry) at an early age, I survived the clutches,” he said, adding that he had worked in the music industry in Mumbai in 1991, but I got out of it. I have no wish Sing for the last 15 years. This is right. I am happy in my world. But I have seen disappointment in the eyes, in the eyes, in the words of new singers, new musicians, new song writers. Blood, sometimes. ”

Sonu Nigam also made a scathing reference to actor Salman Khan as he talked about an actor who is “just getting fingers raised”. Talking about changing singers, Sonu Nigam said: “He is done with Arijit Singh.” In 2016, Mr. Khan was asked to drop songs recorded by Arijit Singh from his film Sultan after he was offended by the mannerisms of the singers at an award show.

Sonu Nigam while wrapping up her video alleged that in the past, she was called for recording the song and then her songs were dubbed by various artists. “If you could do this to me, what would you guys be doing to new people,” he said and added: “Hope more people don’t die by suicide.”

Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide, police say, who are conducting an investigation. He was found dead at his Mumbai residence on 14 June. The police will also investigate allegations that Mr. Rajput was depressed due to professional rivalry. Politician Sanjay Nirupam alleged that Sushant has lost six of the seven films he signed in the last few months.

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