Most pets in the Netherlands are not insured. And that is a shame, because there are many providers with beautiful and affordable packages. Animal insurance is actually health insurance, but for animals. Because the GP also costs a lot of money. Especially when your animal has to be treated several times, has to receive medication or has to undergo an operation. All these costs are covered in whole or in part by animal insurance. There are, however, many differences between providers and the options. When taking out animal insurance you have to take a lot of factors into account.

Full or partial coverage

After taking out animal insurance you are usually not reimbursed for the full costs of medical treatment. In the first place there is a deductible. Fortunately, this is a bit lower than the deductible for health insurance for people. The amount does depend strongly on the animal insurance you take out and the premium you pay. In general, you have to take into account an amount of between 100 and 200 euros. Furthermore, the full costs are not always covered by all animal insurance policies. In some cases it will be as low as 75%. Even if the amount of the deductible has already been exceeded. Fortunately, there are also options that reimburse 100%. When you take out animal insurance, you do well to compare the different options with each other.

The costs that are reimbursed

In general, the costs you incur at the vet are reimbursed. It is necessary that you go to a vet in the Netherlands. Costs you incur abroad will not be reimbursed. Medication, operations, admissions and treatments are always covered by your pet insurance. In most cases, additional insurance will have to be taken out for matters such as sterilization, castration and vaccinations.

Types of pets you can insure

The vast majority of animal insurance policies that are taken out are for a dog or a cat. These are popular pets that in some cases incur high medical costs. Most providers will have fixed packages for dogs and cats that you can choose from. Also for smaller animals, such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and birds, you can often find insurance quickly and easily. If you have a less common pet, you should probably contact the insurance company to purchase appropriate pet insurance.

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