The stars say that they need undergone surgery to urge fair skin!

The word ‘fair’ is finally beginning of the ‘fair and lovely’ cream. Excited social media. ‘Black girls’ including Bipasha Basu and Richa Chadda are floating on Instagram. And seeing all this, a number of the netizens are smiling.

Why? actually many of us know that a lot of people in Bollywood have undergone screen lighting operations for being ‘beautiful’.

what’s the colour of the skin in Bollywood, but the standards of eligibility! Many have raised questions. Let’s take a glance at a number of the celebs who wrote their names during this race to show from black to fair overnight.


This southern actress has never had a dull color her milk thanks to her climate. One can only guess at the first pictures of his career. because the days glided by the colour of Sridevi’s skin also changed immediately.

It is heard that he has also skilled the method of becoming fair. Sridevi herself never admitted it though.


Evergreen is an actress who has touched the hearts of men. Eight to eighty fascinated by his charisma. But inside the industry, he couldn’t ignore the infallible attraction of being fair! 514 rekha
A comparison between the primary picture of the road and therefore the next one will clearly show the difference in complexion . Could this brave, strong man, who has always been on his own terms, need to cover his real complexion with the assistance of medical science? Rekha didn’t open her mouth about this. Yet the eyes can not be disbelieved.


Kajal, who came from a movie family, easily happened within the minds of the fans thanks to his acting skills. His black color, pair of eyebrows and smooth acting were his USP.614 kajol
But from the movie ‘Kavi Khushi Kavi Gham’, Kajal are often seen to be much fairer than before! How? Is he also …? Kajal said, absolutely not. It felt like that for makeup. His look in Kajal’s comeback film ‘Dilwale’ said otherwise.

Deepika Padukone:

She is that the highest paid actress in Bollywood. the amount of his fans is skyrocketing. She has repeatedly proved herself as a talented actress. But the excitement inside Balipara, this beauty has walked on the trail to point out the seniors.

Deepika didn’t want to admit it, but there’s an enormous difference between her modeling life picture and therefore the current picture. How could Deepika not be ready to get out of this fascination of being fair, the question of the fans.

Bipasha Basu:

Bipasha made a post on Instagram after seeing the word ‘fair’ rising from the ‘fair and lovely’ cream. he’s also vocal about how Bollywood has labeled him ‘dusky’ for coloring his sexiness with color. 1114 bips
But the strange thing is, Bipasha herself may be a victim of this duplicity of Bollywood. He also did skin lightening. He also wants to be fair! a minimum of that is the buzz of Bollywood.

Priyanka Chopra:

the entire world knows her today. Once upon a time, there was an enormous difference between the present look of Miss World Priyanka Chopra and therefore the previous look.

Many say he did a rhinoplasty . And skin lightening? The actress also extended her hand towards him.

It is wrong to think that only the heroines have chosen this manner to be fair. Southern stars Rajinikanth and Nawazuddin Siddiqui have followed an equivalent path. But why? Why is Bollywood so sensitive about what’s normal and what’s its own? The word ‘fair’ came from the cream. Will the definition of beauty change in people’s minds this time? The question is there.

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