What was the last conversation with the boy? Sushant’s father said …

Sushant’s father KK Singh on the left and Sushant Singh Rajput on the proper . File image.
No boy, twelve days have passed. Sitting ahead of an image of a boy at his house in Patna, KK Singh remembers many memories … moments.

The last time he spoke to Sushant was the day before his death. Asked what the boy was brooding about the wedding , Sushant said, “Don’t roll in the hay now, then an image are going to be released.” the wedding are often done by February-March next year.

Does that mean Sushant said rear at home? Sushant’s father didn’t open his mouth about it.

In the words of Sushant’s father, the subject of Ankita Lokhand has come up again and again. Ankita also visited their house in Patna several times during their relationship, said KK Singh.

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He still didn’t understand how a boy who had discussed marriage the day before could kill . Just understand, the boy won’t return, the remainder of the times will need to accept the memory.

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