When you are advised to have laser eye surgery, it is of course nice to know in advance whether the price of laser eye surgery is reimbursed by insurance. This article explains more about the reimbursements by the health insurer.

Choose an eye care clinic that is known to insurers


In order to know in advance where you stand in terms of reimbursements, it is important to choose a clinic that has agreements with all health insurers. The moment you are referred by a doctor or another medical specialist to an eye clinic, it is possible that the treatment will be fully reimbursed. It is important that you take into account the deductible that must be paid.

What does this mean for my deductible?


The deductible is 385 euros. This amount is laid down by law for when healthcare costs are incurred. These must therefore be paid when you are older than 18 years and use the basic package. When the eye care treatment is necessary because of an eye disease, part of this treatment will also be recovered from the (remaining) deductible. When you take the treatment for your own account, only medication will be taken from the deductible.

Official reference


The official referral is very important when you have to undergo treatment. It does not matter whether this is the general practitioner, company doctor or someone else who is seen as an accepted referrer by your health insurer. If there is no official referral, the health insurer will not reimburse the treatment. So make sure you have these and you will not be faced with surprises.

Additional health insurance


With laser eye treatment it is also possible to receive reimbursement from an additional package. This is because the purpose of the treatment is to replace lenses and glasses. However, this reimbursement differs per health insurer and it is therefore important to be properly informed about this.

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