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Without insurance under a sales contract: you can, but is it worth it?

A driver who has not insured his responsibility for driving a vehicle cannot use it. For more than 10 years of work of 40-FZ, everyone has already got used to this unshakable rule. But, like any rule, it also has exceptions.

So, the law on OSAGO provides for the right to drive without insurance under a car sale and purchase agreement, but with reservations. To understand them and decide whether to use this item in 40-FZ is worth everyone who is used to changing cars at least once every 3-5-10 years.

Riding without insurance: on what conditions?

At point number two in art. 4 40-FZ clearly states that after acquiring a new vehicle under a sales contract without insurance, you can drive:

  • if available for the presentation of the contract with the seller;
  • until the registration of the car with the traffic police;
  • no longer than 10 days from the date specified in the contract.

That is, the driver is allowed to drive under the purchase and sale agreement without insurance for a limited period – there should be no fines, as well as other sanctions. This possibility is enshrined not only in the law, but also in the Code of Administrative Offenses (Article 12.37), and even traffic rules (clause 2.1.1 in the penultimate subparagraph provides for the right to travel without MTPL ).

Why hurry up with insurance?

But there is a reason why it is not worth “getting carried away” with this right to travel without insurance with a purchase and sale agreement: no one is insured against accidents. I.e:

  • having got into the simplest road accident, the driver without OSAGO in any case will be forced to call the traffic police, according to the Europrotocol it will not work to issue an accident;
  • if the happy owner of a brand new car turns out to be the culprit of the accident, in addition to the recent spending on the car itself, he will face considerable expenses for the restoration of the vehicle suffered through his fault;
  • each stop at the traffic police post will be accompanied by lengthy explanations (driving without insurance under the sales contract is legal, but it is not welcomed by the authorities).

Considering that OSAGO is still a working tool of financial protection, a natural question arises: is it profitable to abandon it, dooming yourself to crazy risks? The restoration of your new car, someone else’s car, compensation for harm to people if they have suffered – all this is a lot of money, which, when driving without car insurance under a contract of sale, will have to be paid out of pocket.

For this, OSAGO has been introduced into the system of social protection of the population. It is impractical to refuse such insurance even with the new cost of OSAGO .

How to drive without insurance without “catching” a fine

There is one more important point: now the traffic police and RSA are planning to launch a pilot project to identify violators (drivers without compulsory motor third party liability insurance ) in automatic mode using photofixing cameras. If you explain to a traffic police officer why a driver drives a car without insurance with a purchase and sale agreement, then the technique is indifferent to words. No policy – there will be a fine to the post office.

As a result, to cancel it, you will have to personally go to the authorities, submit an application, write explanations, and wait. Justice will prevail, but is the time, gasoline, nerves worth the result? In the absence of money for a full MTPL it is more profitable to buy a six-month policy, but right away it is safer.

Until the same moment as the driver comes to understand the inexpediency of driving without insurance under the sales contract, he should observe three simple conditions that will protect him from conflicts with traffic police officers.

  1. Always have the agreement and the certificate with you.
  2. Do not conflict with services. The law in this case is on the driver’s side, as evidenced by the clarification of the Sun from 2012. The court will decide in his favor.
  3. For reliability, print out a sample of 40-FZ, where it is clearly stated that the owner of a recently purchased vehicle can travel without insurance under a sales contract.

If you decide to issue an OSAGO as soon as possible for your safety , we know how to do it at an affordable price. On the website of CA “GALAXY Insurance” there is a “smart” calculator that will calculate the cost of insurance on your terms and show offers from different insurance companies in one plate.

You choose a profitable option, apply online and receive MTPL at an adequate cost. There is no need to explain to the traffic police about the driving rights under a sales contract without insurance. In the event of an accident, you can immediately refer the victims of the accident to your insurer – we guarantee that the policy purchased from our partners will work to your protection.

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